Apply Online

Question: Who can Apply?
Answer: Anyone, from any Country who has lived or lives in Nigeria for more than 30days.

Follow this process to APPLY

Step 1:
Click here to "Download Form": When completing the form (this form can be used by both MALE & FEMALE)

Female applicants: Please add "FE" to MALE on the top of Page 2)

Step 2:
Complete the Page 1 and top of page 2 ONLY using BLUE or BLACK pen (use your current address, not your Nigeria address [except you are applying from Nigeria]), the following are the field to complete;

Name:   (example - Jonathan Obasanjo) - Remember to write your name on page 2 too.
Address:   (example - 234E University, Magnolia, Arkansas, USA) {Your current address}
Tribe:   (example - Black African)
Place of Birth:   (example - Lagos, Nigeria)
Year of Birth:   (example - 1900)
Attach Passport photo:   (Your passport photo)
Sign:   (Your Signature)

side [page 2]
: Using any ink colour of your choice, print your fingers in box required so that it appear like sugar-cane, even if it exceed the box required; it's okay.

Click here to view SAMPLE of FORM HERE

Watch full VIDEO of how to complete the form here

Step 3:

Scan a copy of the completed form to us; using (with the data page of your passport, not the visa page).

The process does not have to be completed in the presence of any police officer, however, taking your impression/fingerprint in the presence of an officer will not adversely affect your application.

Please scan document in
PDF format only, JPEG format are not always acceptable.

Step 4:
Payment  Information -  Click HERE

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